"Amma" is the most revered word with Telugu language which denotes Mother, which is the symbol of love, affection, care and sympathy. As a reverence to our Mother we have started this organization on No-profit No-loss basis with our own family. Funds to the tune of 4 acres of land were donated for this foundation. Empathy share and care is are cardinal points for rendering all the philanthropic social and community services to the toiling masses and needy people.
More than one billion people in the world live in abject poverty, most of whom go hungry everyday. A large proportion, the majority of whom are women, have very limited access to income, resources, education, healthcare or nutrition particularly in India. Though India is a developing country, out of one billion population 30cr people are unable to earn even a dollar per day. Hence it is evident that the government cannot provide the basic needs for the rural poor and people residing in urban slums without the support and active participation of NGO's like ours. In the era of globalization, committed social service organizations are very much necessary to bridge the gap between the Government efforts and the actual needs.
The members of our trust are inspired by the preaching of my great mother "Service to the People is Service to the God" and offering their services voluntarily with a committment for social development.