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The Amma Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assist patients and families with non-related expenses they are unable to afford during a very sensitive time to ensure that patients live with dignity. There are so many ways to help and so many needs that aren't covered and the AMMA Foundation is dedicated to helping patients continue to live with dignity and respect. Hospice is designed to provide comfort care and the AMMA Foundation is designed to provide peace of mind. 

Get to Know Us


President and Co-Founder

Avani Gunuganti

Avani Gunuganti is a rising senior at Saint Mary's Hall. As a volunteer for Guiding Light Hospice and a student researcher at the UT Health Center, she is excited to serve the San Antonio community and raise awareness for palliative and hospice care.


Vice President and Co-Founder

Monica Trust

Monica Trust is the chief administrator and CEO of Guiding Light Hospice in San Antonio. Working with several different hospital systems and hospices, she is dedicated to educating the community about the hospice benefit and serving San Antonio.  

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