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Our Impact. 

Through our fundraising and memorial events as well as donations, we have been able to raise around $10,000  to support hospice patients and their families through difficult times. We want to create a system where no person has to worry about the expenses of living with a terminal diagnosis. The support we receive will ensure that patients can have peace of mind. 

Our events raise both money and awareness. Through outreach events and donations, we spread the message of hospice and its power to ensure a life lived with dignity and respect. Any amount will help us reach more communities and sponsor more events for the benefit of hospice care. 

Our Events


Hospice Memorial Walk
May 6, 2023 

We held a memorial walk for families of hospice patients to join and celebrate the lives of their family members. It was a beautiful day to remember those who have passed away and honor the memory of our loved ones. Together, we raised $2000 for the Amma Foundation which will go to providing comfort and care to those in need and raising awareness for palliative and hospice care.

San Antonio Hospice and Pallative Care Nurses Association Presentation 
August 10, 2023 

We were given the opportunity to speak at the regional meeting for the HPNA about the Amma Foundation. We presented some of the startling facts that many healthcare professionals do not know, such as the mental health impacts, financial burden, and underutilization of hospice. It was a successful event in promoting the Amma Foundation and its mission, garnering support for our team and their vision for the foundation's future.

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Hope for the Holidays Christmas Tree Raffle Fundraiser
November 11, 2023 - December 15, 2023

We decorated 7 new Christmas trees with the help of volunteers and donors who came out and brought supplies to decorate with. These trees were raffled off to fundraise for the foundation. 

Bridging the Gap Radio Talk Show
November 17, 2023

We spoke on the local talk show about the Amma Foundation and its mission to de-stigmatize hospice care and provide services to those in need. The show was broadcast on the KDRY channel to share our resources to the San Antonio community. 

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